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Interested in bringing a group of players, team or coaching in 2019?

Yes, we're talking about NEXT summer - 2019. We have to admit it feels a bit crazy to even bring it up. But then again, we are and we want grinders. So crazy about baseball, we think, is a good kind of crazy:)

Here's what we're thinking, since the tryout (and therefore team building process) begins in July, we  wanted to go ahead and at least offer a contact tool for prospective parents and coaches. It's never to early to learn about our program and options for the 2019 season.

The bottom line really has more to do with passion about the game, than age or positon. We reset out teams every year and we've found that to be a very healthy process for the players, teams and therefore the program.

We believe transparency in our approach, what you pay, what you receive for what you pay, in positional opportunities, in the amount of travel, in practice time, in coaches experience and in all of our policies that are designed to protect and enhance your son's experience.

We're not creating major leaguers - God does that. Our objective to help our coaches create an enjoyable year that maximizes your son's opportunities to develop his skills while learning enduring life-skills in a positive and healthy team culture.

That's not code for saying everyone will fit or we're content not playing comptitively. We like to compete. We like to win. But most importantly we like to play the game hard, which is what we believe is at least part of the "right way". We also commit to protecting your son's health - specifically his arm health. There is not a single win or tournament championship that is worth even risking one players arm. We have provisions and guidelines to make sure we're erroring on the side of caution.

Finally, we're all accountable; the coaches, the players and certainly the program. In many ways I would like to tell you that playing at USAthletic is absolutely for you. That our program is inexpensive. That our scheduling is convenient and you will love every decision your coach makes. As I'm sure you already know, that would be a lie. That's not travel baseball. That's not life. It will cost you more than you expect. It will be inconvenient. Your son will be frustrated and question if he even knew how to play the game. You will be tired. Your son may be tested and pressured to the point of breaking. You will argue with him and likely get annoyed with other team members or their families. BUT if you know and are okay with that, I promise 2019 could be breakthrough year for your son.

While we would all love our son to play and succeed at the highest levels, we would also like that for ourselves in life. We've lived enought to know that often the path to the best places aren't easy, cheap or convenient but more challenging and narrow.  I believe that being realistic about your starting point, a plan for success supported by good people is a pretty good roadmap to not only maximizing his improvement, but growing as a young man. And let's be honest about something else, if we're going to spend the time and money, we all want to be with like-minded families who share our values and are pleasant and even fun to be around. If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, please click the link below and it will email us so we can chat.


Rob Barber

Founder - USAthletic Baseball Club

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